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First in 5 Years DUI Conviction - Limited Permit

When a Georgia license holder is convicted of a DUI offense which is a first offense within 5 years, the person is likely eligible for a limited permit, assuming they are not riding out an administrative license suspension or have some other suspension.  Non-Georgia license holders in this situation will have to seek a limited permit under the laws of their home state.  Some will allow that; others will not.

The five year period is measured by offense dates.  

A limited permit allows the person to drive for work, school, health care, and probation/legal requirements.

There are three ways to move forward with obtaining a limited permit:

  • Obtain a first conviction affidavit from the court when the conviction occurs
  • Obtain a certified copy of the Uniform Traffic Citation showing the DUI conviction from the court clerk
  • Allow 5-10 days to pass so that the records are transmitted to Georgia Department of Drivers Services

These have some notes to them though.  If the judge will not sign or issue the first conviction affidavit, do not do or say anything in court.  Wait until the next day and obtain the certified copy of the citation.  If the judge doesn't want you to have the affidavit and you indicate that you are going to bypass that with the certified copy, then the judge may amend the sentence to include a court suspension.  A court suspension would mean you are waiting out whatever period of suspension the judge sees fit to impose.  Your best bet is to let an experienced DUI lawyer handle those issues for you.


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