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21-2-562 Insertion into, Alteration of, Removal of, or Refusal to Deliver Official Documents

OCGA 21-2-562 covers a variety of behaviors that can involve members of the public as well as elections workers. The section covers:

  • insertion of a fictitious name, false figure, false statement or any fraudulent entry into any official record or document authorized or required to be made for a public purpose in connection with an election
  • material alteration or destruction of a lawfully made entry
  • Taking official elections records or documents from lawful custody to prevent their lawful inspection or copying.

This offense is a felony punishable by up to ten years in prison, a fine up to $100,000, or both.

There is an additional misdemeanor offense described which involves a person who willfully neglects or refuses to deliver an official elections document or record to the officers required to use or keep that document or record.


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