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Canon Municipal Court

Traffic and some other offenses, including misdemeanor marijuana possession, occurring inside the city limits of the city of Canon are handled by the Municipal Court of Canon.

Municipal court judges are appointed by the City Commission of the municipality but have authority to handle state law charges.

One of the advantages of having a case in a city court is that there are more tools in the toolbox to try to prevent effects to licenses and to insurance rates.  Most cities have their own code of ordinances.  Sometimes, cases can be resolved with a plea to a city ordinance violation.  Such convictions are not reportable as state law convictions and do not bear the same consequences.  

On the other hand, if you are charged with a city ordinance violation, the downside is that you are probably not eligible for a jury trial.  In addition, the process to appeal a city ordinance violation can present many challenges.

We regularly handle cases in the City Court of Canon and have a great history of success there.


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We provide brief no charge consultations for new criminal, traffic and DUI cases. Fees may be charged for consultations or case reviews for post-judgment matters including sex offender issues.