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Payment Options

Payment Options

Where appropriate, we attempt to allow clients a choice of payment options.  In general, we have the following types of fee arrangements.

Flat Fee. For minor work typically not involving court appearances, we will set a flat fee.

Contingency Fees. In injury cases or civil rights cases, we will often agree to be retained on a contingency fee basis.  In these cases, we may or may not agree to advance the costs of the representation.  In cases where we do advance the costs of the representation, the client will be contractually obligated to pay these costs regardless of the outcome of the case.  The costs of representation include but are not limited to filing fees, subpoena and witness fees, expert fees, medical records fees, and courier fees.

Minimum Fees. In criminal cases and family law cases, we will typically set a minimum fee which will cover a certain extent of representation.  You will be billed at our hourly rate for additional work.

Retainer. In some cases, we will charge you a retainer which we will bill against at our hourly rate.  Any amount of the retainer which is not billed will be refunded to you upon the close of the case.

Manner of Payment

We, of course, are always pleased to accept payments in cash and by check.  In some cases, we require the payment of a retainer fee.  In order to assist our clients in financing sometimes major financial commitments, we have added the capability of accepting most major credit cards (except for bankruptcy consultations or cases).  We currently accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover/Novus.

We use Clio Payments and LawPay for credit/debit card processing.


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We provide brief no charge consultations for new criminal, traffic and DUI cases. Fees may be charged for consultations or case reviews for post-judgment matters including sex offender issues.

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