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Criminal Defense

A crime is an act or omission to act which is a breach of a duty owed to the state.  We all have an obligation to behave within acceptable ranges in exchange for the benefits of our free society.  However, government officers can make mistakes.  You can be arrested when the officer lacks sufficient evidence to arrest you, when the evidence against you is fabricated, and when the evidence against you is misleading.  You can be subjected to prosecution in a court of law when the state lacks sufficient admissible evidence to convict you of an offense.

You need help to understand and exercise your rights under our system and to prevent overzealous officers and prosecutors from obtaining a conviction against you.  Every stage of a criminal investigation, arrest, and prosecution can be crucial.  Attempting to navigate the convoluted passageways of the hallowed halls of justice can set you on a one-way course into a jail cell.

A lawyer can assist you in protecting your rights and attempting to avoid a wrongful conviction.  In the alternative, a lawyer can assist you in limiting your exposure to prosecution.

If you are arrested, you have certain rights.  Some of these rights are outlined on our arrests page.  Likewise, if you are asked to submit to a search of your person, your vehicle, or your home or other property, you will want to look at our search page.

Federal and State Felonies
Continual education as to the current state of the law is necessary to protect our clients in serious criminal matters.  We are diligent in seeking the latest information to provide you with aggressive and up-to-date representation whether you or your company is accused of white-collar crime, narcotics possession, distribution or trafficking, violent crimes, sexual crimes, or any other criminal activity.
Federal and State Misdemeanors and Violations
Even a lesser crime can carry a substantial penalty.  Courts are being authorized to administer more and more punishment for so-called "lesser" crimes.  We bring the same skills and knowledge to bear on these cases as on felonies.  Review our page on Traffic Law for more information on that subject.
Driving Under the Influence
When the blue lights go on behind you, your whole life can be effected.  A DUI in Georgia can result in your being jailed, being required to pay substantial fines, being forced to perform community service, being required to attend a DUI and Drug Awareness School, being referred for evaluation and treatment by a counselor, and loss of your driver's license.  This does not even include the stigmatism, the increased insurance costs, the effect on your relationship with your family, your employer, and your friends, associates, and neighbors.  We look for every defense.  We are willing to bring in expert witnesses to evaluate your case to determine whether your rights were properly observed and whether proper procedures were utilized in the collection, testing and handling of the evidence against you.  We have been at the forefront of attacking the constitutionality of various aspects of the Georgia laws in this area.


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We provide brief no charge consultations for new criminal, traffic and DUI cases. Fees may be charged for consultations or case reviews for post-judgment matters including sex offender issues.

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