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Georgia DUI Consequences

The consequences for DUI offenses in Georgia are severe.  Consistently, our state legislators have passed new and tougher DUI penalties every year for a number of years.   More and more discretion is being removed from the judge to determine an appropriate court penalty for a DUI offense.

Consequences for DUI Offenses

Administrative License Suspension

Your license can be taken away from you before you ever go to court.  For more information, visit our Administrative Suspension page.

Court Penalties

The range of penalties depends upon a number of factors.  The judge will set your sentence but he must generally remain within the range established by the legislature.

These ranges depend upon the nature of the offense.

Within the statutory range, the court's decision may vary depending upon the number of lifetime DUI's, whether an accident or injuries or deaths were involved, and the personal pecadillos of the judge.

In addition to the costs imposed by a court, a DUI offender is facing greatly increased insurance costs, DUI school costs, license reinstatement fees, as well as social stigma and possible job consequences.


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