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Out Of State Driver with a DUI in Georgia

The greatest care must be exercised by the non-Georgia licensed driver who receives a DUI in the state of Georgia.  These persons are told that if they do not submit to a state-administered chemical test, their privilege to drive in Georgia may be suspended.   Many believe that this means that their home state license will not be effected.

In most cases, they could not be more wrong.  Usually an administrative suspension will not trigger a suspension in the home state. 

However, a Georgia DUI conviction will almost always be treated by the home state as a conviction for a DUI offense in the home state.  This can also trigger difficulties in working out temporary permits and license reinstatement challenges.  An out-of-state licensed driver will not be eligible for a temporary permit that is available to a Georgia driver.

Persons in this situation need diligent representation and may need the assistance of attorneys in both states in order to preserve their license.

 Sean Black has experience in representing drivers from many other states in DUI cases.  We know how to identify the special issues that you will face in dealing with a Georgia DUI.


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